by Jacqueline Ansell

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Jacqueline Ansell is a designer living and working in New York City. Her jewelry collection, Stereoview Jewelry, is the product of her unique aesthetic and eye for design. The brand began as a makeshift studio in her Los Angeles home, where she quickly found joy in working with her hands. There, she apprenticed under renowned artist Marne Ryan, to refine her metalsmith skills and gain industry knowledge. She is currently obtaining a Master’s degree from Pratt Institute and is a graduate of Colgate University.

Jacqueline has always been inspired by travel. As a child, she spent her weekends antiquing with her mom outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and began to collect stereoview cards, a style of photography that celebrates travel and memory.

Today, Stereoview Jewelry draws inspiration from different cities, cultures, and their associated style. Each collection honors the unique nuances, unexpected quirks, and unseen beauty of a different place around the world.

We begin at the heart of it all, New York City, where each piece is handmade. Our pilot collection juxtaposes the modern classical aesthetic found throughout the city with edgy and unexpected details like chains and our signature V. Each piece is one of a kind, staying true to New York and its people.